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I am working on opening a Spanish looking tapas bar in London and just wanted to say that with the help and advice I received from The Hunter Fan Company I am delighted to be able to say I have purchased several of their fans in New Bronze that have now been installed. As well as working perfectly in the room and being exactly what I imagined for my restaurant they also look absolutely stunning. They fit in really well with the rest of the decor.

I always wanted my own restaurant business and worked hard for many years to raise the funds to do it so in my mind I knew exactly what I wanted for it. Some people are the same about their weddings from youngsters and keep any ideas in a book ready for when their day comes so I am no different except my book is about my restaurant. I have spent a lot of time in Spain and worked there for a couple of years so that was my theme decided on. I spent a lot of time being inspired not only by my research but also from my traveling so as to make sure my place would be the most authentic, comfortable and a great place for people to spend time. After all this was my dream now actually coming true.

So if anyone is designing any type of restaurant, bar or even cafe check out the range that Hunter has on their site. In my opinion they are the best!


by Jennifer Diaz