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Ceiling fans are better for customer satisfaction and in turn, your business.

The most important thing in any business is customer satisfaction. Without the happiness of customers, especially within the restaurant industry, a business cannot thrive as customers will neither return nor recommend you to others. A common complaint from diners, which is generally overlooked, is the temperature at which the room is kept. Some owners who do take note will opt for the popular Air Conditioning unit, however this often causes more problems than it solves…

Say, as a restaurant owner, you have just paid quite a large sum for the installation and purchase of an air conditioning unit. At first it seems to be working well; you notice the room to be cooler than before, yet soon food starts coming back to the kitchen with complaints that it needs to be ‘heated up’. This is a very common problem of AC (air conditioning) systems. When used, they produce cold, dry air which not only cools the customers down but also the food: oh dear. Next, upon entering the restaurant, some comment on the low hum that is audible beneath the quiet chatter of those already at their seats, while others take note of the ugly AC stand in the corner of the room. At the end of the night on their way out, some customers tell you that their eyes and skin felt dry from the cold air so you end up apologising and wishing them a good night.

These are all problems caused by air conditioning which, although they will not put you out of business, will make customers unhappy and perhaps unwilling to make the trip to your restaurant in the future. No restaurant owner wants this, however it is possible to both cool the room and to not have these problems as a result by instead using a ceiling fan. There are many on the market yet if you are looking for reliable, efficient and good looking then I would definitely recommend Hunter Fans (to find out more about the 128 year old business).

Ceiling fans do not cool the food as they do not lower the room temperature. This may sound strange, however ceiling fans cool due to the wind chill effect, where they work by accelerating the evaporation of perspiration on your skin, causing a 23 degree room to feel like a 17 degree one. In the case of a restaurant, this is very beneficial as it does not cause the food to cool!

Hunter ceiling fans are also extremely quiet, producing just 25 decibels compared to the 40 decibels of an AC unit. On top of this, ceiling fans can actually add to the elegance and style of the restaurant rather than take away from it in the way that air conditioning units do. To find out more about how ceiling fans can add style to your restaurant, click here.

Finally, again because ceiling fans do not produce cool, dry air, they do not cause dry skin or eyes as the humidity level does not change; the air is being circulated, not altered. This means added comfort for customers and no more complaints!