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How ceiling fans will add to the style of your restaurant.

It is understandable that some may believe that a restaurant should be kept elegant, simple and modern without the use of unnecessary interior features. Unfortunately, this draws some to the conclusion that a ceiling fan has no place in a restaurant due to their non-aesthetically pleasing look. Hunter Ceiling Fans however are very different to your ordinary ceiling fan, adding an extra special feature without detracting from the elegance that already governs the restaurant. Many restaurant owners with a Hunter fan agree that their ceiling fan actually adds to the interior style in place whilst simultaneously working to increase comfort for their customers.

Savoy Ceiling Fans are seen to be adding style to the interior design.

Savoy Ceiling Fans are seen to be adding style to the interior design.

The Hunter Savoy Ceiling Fan is a very popular product among restaurant owners with it’s 5 blade design coming in a variety of colours, from brushed nickel to antique brass, in order to ensure the best fit within your dining rooms. The fan can be seen in this picture to be fitting in very well within the Martinsall Hotel Castle in Belgium, adding an interesting visual feature on top of its use as a ceiling fan.

It is not just modern fans that can look the part in pubs, cafés or restaurants as is clear when looking at how the Hunter 1886 Series fan has slotted into the decor at the popular café chain Nero’s in Mayfair, London. This again comes in differing colours in order to create the best possible vintage feel within your dining area, something which an ordinary fan comes no where close to achieving.

Despite the remarkable amount of thought that has gone into the aesthetic qualities of these products, in order to appeal to business owners and customers alike, no extra time has been spared so that their functionality remains of the highest possible standard. These fans continue to perform quietly, efficiently, cost-effectively and without wobbling so that business owners can be safe with the knowledge that their money has been well spent. To see how Hunter ceiling fans have added to the style of other restaurants, including Nero’s in Mayfair as mentioned above, click here to visit our gallery.