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Have you ever gone out for a meal and found the restaurant was uncomfortably hot? It takes the enjoyment out of the evening. I don’t go out often so like to make a night of it and recently went to have a meal with some friends before going on to a late show at the cinema. I won’t name names but we went to a very nice restaurant that is local to us in London and yes it was when the weather was fabulous a few weeks ago. We instantly became aware it was just as hot in there as outside before we were even seated. It really was not a nice place to have a meal in hot weather because although they had given a lot of thought to the décor and seating none was given to the temperature control so ruined our meal as we were all way too hot to enjoy it. Then we went to the cinema and there was air conditioning blasting away so I ended up with a really bad cold. When we arranged a similar night out the following week but no cinema we selected a different restaurant and that was an amazing place to choose because you could feel the difference from outside to inside as you stepped through the door. We were seated and noticed they had ceiling fans and they were actually beautiful fans. I made a comment to the owner and he explained that he loved them so much he had eight more in his holiday home in Spain. He told us they were top of the range Hunter fans called the Classic Original. They were in a bright brass, totally silent and not only really looked beautiful but also did the job. We enjoyed a fantastic Italian meal in the most comfortable and decorative surroundings. I even got the website address from him and checked them out myself so now I have a fan in my living room and plan to order one for my bedroom next.

by Frankie Peters