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Hunter Ceiling Fans for Restaurants and Hotels Worldwide!

Travel the world and everywhere you go all leisure facilities have Hunter Fans. They are known worldwide. Why you may ask so I will answer that silent thought and tell you. The team of father and son Hunter created the first of their many fans in 1886 and believe it or not they ran by water because electricity had not been invented at that point. Through over 127 years they have upgraded components as well as all parts and now their quality is second to none. They have even changed the warranty to a lifetime so a minimum of fifty years.

They have produced so many unique styles from American Heritage to Europa along with Traditional and Contemporary so they have something for everyone. More and more hotels and all types of Eateries are installing Hunter ceiling fans and to see a wide selection visit the image Gallery at Henley Fan. What I have found is that they not only produce a gentle cooling breeze needed in the summer but in the colder weather by just flicking a switch they work in reverse. You are probably thinking yes and so what. Well in reverse they actually gently push the hot air trapped at the ceiling back down. In doing so you will be able to turn your thermostat down and that will save you up to 24% of your energy costs

They are energy efficient and cost saving which you can see on the Energy Efficiency page at Henley Fan Company. My advice whether you are the owner of a hotel, restaurant or even an office or home get a ceiling fan because it will be the best investment you will ever make.


by Niki Clegg