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The purpose of this site is to provide useful information about the benefits of using ceiling fans in restaurants, pubs and bars along with a buying guide to help you make the best choice should you wish to go ahead and purchase some.  With many models and manufacturers now flooding the market from many countries it is vital to protect and future-proof your investment of hard-earned money only into decent, strong reliable brands that offer quality products and designs with excellent performance and guarantees.  Buying cheap junk means that you will end up buying twice!   It is more than just providing functionality though since installing ceiling fans can firmly add to both the top and bottom lines, the top via more satisfied customers and the bottom through reduced energy costs.  Please browse our gallery for other great examples of ceiling fan installations.  We hope you find this guide useful!

Olympic Studios Member’s Restaurant 

The cover shot above is of the very famous and iconic Olympic Studios in Barnes, London where all the legendary rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s recorded their albums including the Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Queen, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix to name but a few.  It is no longer used for recording and has become a cinema and exclusive private members restaurant.  The owners decided to install six Henley Zephyr ceiling fans to spread the air-conditioned cool air that was stuck at one end around the whole room after complaints from customers about the hot and stuffy air.  Aware of the exclusive celebrity nature of their clientele our chartered HVAC engineers advised on a suitable design choice, specification and layout of the fans to achieve the optimum performance. The fans also needed to draw in cool air from outside through the small windows to keep the air fresh and cool when the AC is turned off to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases. In the winter the fans are operated in reverse to bring the trapped heat in the high roof space back down to floor level saving at least 30% on heating costs.  If you want to see just how great these fans are then please go and visit the venue and ask to look around.  For more information and to buy the Zephyr ceiling fan please visit our website shop.  For any advice please email us or call our sales office on the number above.

Ceiling Fans will Save you Money!

In these tough economic times for restaurants and the High Street it is essential to outsmart your competition with a great looking interior design that is also functional, money saving and above all makes your customers keep coming back.  A comfortable environment with fresh air rather than stale, sweaty, smelly air means that your patrons will be happier, stay longer and spend more money.  A happy comfortable customer will stay longer and spend more money! 

The Hunter Brighton Ceiling Fan Shown in the Mayfair Mews Restaurant, London.

The Hunter Savoy Ceiling Fan in White Shown in the Mayfair Mews Restaurant, London.

Air conditioning is very expensive to install and run as well as being unreliable and uncomfortable for patrons too with it’s very dry air output. Ceiling fans offer a very cost-effective alternative at 5% of the installed and running costs, saving valuable energy and reducing harmful carbon emissions.  They are perfect for the English weather where it rarely gets hot enough to justify air conditioning but can often get very stuffy and hot without any aid to air circulation.   With all the heat from the food and other customers it can become quite uncomfortable.  With a ceiling fan the air is circulated around the room in a very quiet way which keeps the patrons feeling fresh and most important of all not cooling the food when it comes out.  Air conditioning flash dries the food and instantly cools the food down.  This is because of the dry air which forces evaporating of water from the food and as we all know from our chemistry lessons this requires a large amount of heat energy, energy and that is taken from the food.  Many restaurants, pubs and bars simply don’t turn on their air conditioning system purely for this reason.  When the high energy, maintenance and running costs are added in then many systems are often not maintained, broken or just not unused.  Only when it becomes totally unbearable is it finally turned on!

Ceiling fan installed and running costs

Ceiling fan installed and running costs

Ceiling fans, on the other hand, don’t suffer from this problem.   They can be gently stirring the air providing a direct cooling effect of at least 5 degrees centigrade plus, if a window is open, can bring in cooler fresh air from outside providing even more cooling.   Ceiling fans have been used in this way for many years in the USA and warmer countries but are now being more widely adopted in the UK, Northern Europe and temperate regions.  Many restaurants including some big chains such as Old Orleans,  Frankie and Benny’s and Caffe Nero now incorporate them into the designs of their restaurants.

GEOX Shoe Shops Select Matthews Ceiling Fans 

Leading Italian fashion shoe retailer GEOX have selected and installed Matthews Irene 5 ceiling fans in all of their 12 European Shops.  Their Italian architects decided to use them to give the store entrances a stylish impact to their customers whilst highlighting the breathable nature of their products.  Designer ceiling fans with carved wooden blades are more than just a functional device to cool but also add focus and interest. Wander over to their store in Covent Garden to see for yourself. 

Henley Fan Supplies Fans to Restaurants, Bars, Pubs & Shops 

This site is sponsored by The Henley Fan Company who have kindly provided support and assistance.  Henley Fan are the UK’s leading supplier of ceiling fans for all kinds of retail outlet and have been in the business for 20 years offering 75 models from 9 leading brands.  Their shop has a great selection of designs and models are have been deployed in hundreds of restaurants, pubs and shops throughout the country and so can be found in most High Streets.  We are looking for other reputable sponsors in the catering and drinks industry to help spread the message of saving energy with a ceiling fan.


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