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Popular Restaurant Ceiling Fans

As a restaurant owner, it can be difficult choosing the right ceiling fans for you room. Which size, should there be built-in lighting and how many blades are just 3 of the many questions owners may have when looking around for the right fan. Nevertheless, some fans do work better than others and it can be very helpful to take inspiration from existing restaurants and cafés that have fans working well and bringing in customers.

If your restaurant or café is a more historical site, such as a Victorian or Georgian building with stone walls and vintage furniture, then a perfect fan to choose would be Hunter’s 1886 Series ceiling fan. Its replication of one of John and James Hunter’s very first fans combines Hunter’s 19th century heritage with 21st century technology to bring an end result of both character and high quality. The 1886 has a reversible function (meaning in the winter you can save up to 24% on your heating bills!) and has a 3 speed pull-cord, allowing the movement up to 16,000 metres cubed of air per hour. One of the popular coffee chain Café Nero’s sites in Mayfair, London can be seen above to be using the 1886 series. The solid cast-iron housing of the fan fits in very well against the riveted décor behind and adds character to the whole coffee shop – a good choice!

The Hunter Brighton Ceiling Fan Shown in the Mayfair Mews Restaurant, London.

The Hunter Savoy Ceiling Fan Shown in the Mayfair Mews Restaurant, London.

If your restaurant is more modern, Hunter has a good variety to choose from. The Hunter Savoy Ceiling Fan shown has been used in hundreds of restaurants and cafes around the World.  Being compact it can be used at home in conservatories or bedrooms.  Although the satin brass option sways more towards a Victorian designed building, the white version gives a modern, elegant appearance that allows it to go well with a similar white décor. The exclusive Mayfair Mews restaurant in the heart of London boasts a simple but pure white theme across the room. Their fan of choice perfectly blends with the interior design and yet is still able to make all the difference by creating comfort with an impressive movement 11500 metres cubed of air per hour throughout the petite restaurant.

So, whether your restaurant boasts 100 years of history or is instead up to date in these modern times, Hunter ceiling fans has a range to fit any interior design whilst simultaneously always providing a high quality product. To see Hunter’s full range of fans, click Hunter ceiling fans.