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Restaurant Ceiling Fan Case Studies

Ceiling Fan Installation Show Case

 Case Study 1 – Hertford House Hotel Bar

The Hertford House Hotel is a small family run hotel in the middle of Hertford.   This bar and restaurant areas were getting really hot, stuffy and sticky especially on Friday and Saturday nights when it was full of customers resulting in some loss of business as frustrated guests moved to the competition.   The owners were looking for a cost-effective solution that would draw fresh air into the area as well as provide cooling and ventilation for the guests.  After a careful look at what was available on the market they decided to select the beautiful Hunter Lugano ceiling fans.  These fans are very efficient and move a large volume of air transforming the atmosphere into a pleasant and comfortable one.  Apart from being functional and performing a fantastic job they are also nice to look at and provide some added interest and fashion to the interior design of the room.  A low cost, stylish and effective cooling solution that keeps the customers coming back!

Update:  In 2014 Hertford House completely remodeled the restaurant and turned it into a London East End Diner theme which made the existing ceiling fans look even better.


London diner theme restaurant

Case Study 2 – Mews of Mayfair Exclusive Restaurant

This highly exclusive and up-market restaurant was searching for a simple and effective means of keeping their customers cool.  Since it is quite a small space it heats up a lot when full.   Air-conditioning was already installed but would cool the food down too quickly leading to complaints.  The solution was one single ceiling fan – the Hunter Savoy Ceiling Fan – which meant that the air-con could be turned down to a low setting while the ceiling fan ensured that the less cooled air was stirred and moved around the room and guests effectively.  Results – savings on the expensive air-conditioning running costs with happy comfortable guests and no cold food and no more complaints!

Exclusive dinning at Mews of Mayfair

Exclusive dinning at Mews of Mayfair

Mews of Mayfair1

Case Study 3 – Caffe Nero Restaurant in Mayfair

As one of Europe’s leading coffee shop chains with over 600 shops and 4,000 staff to take care of Caffe Nero wanted a cost-effective cooling solution.  They also wanted a ceiling fan that matched in with their interior design, had a quality reputation and worked effectively.   After thoroughly researching the market they chose the amazing Hunter 1886 Series Ceiling Fan limited edition, solid cast-iron ceiling fan.  It has since been discontinued but the Hunter Original Ceiling Fan is a similar style with it’s cast iron look.  This design fits in beautifully especially with Victorian ironwork such as the riveted decor in this Mayfair shop.  They recognised that these fans provide the best of form and function all at a sensible price.   As a result of the success in London Caffe Nero have rolled out this selection nationwide into many of their stores in the UK and abroad including Malta,  Cyprus and the Middle East.

With so much heat being given off in a coffee shop it is essential to keep the air moving so that the customers feel fresh and are happy to stay.  During a visit to a Pret-a-Manger coffee shop in Oxford Street last summer I found it absolutely unbearable for both customers and staff who I felt sorry for, especially given that the temperature was well above the legal limit.  Everyone was sweating especially as it was a smaller shop.  For a relatively small investment – which would be recouped very quickly – a few ceiling fans would have worked wonders.  Needless to say I left a card with the manger but never heard anything from him!

Caffe Nero with Hunter 1886 Seris Ceiling Fan

Case Study 4 – The Atlantic Hotel Jersey

The luxurious Atlantic Hotel enjoys sea breezes but also plenty of sun and warmth being close to France.  After listening to feedback from their exclusive clientele they decided to introduce some ceiling fans into their Michelin starred restaurant.  They decided against air-conditioning due to the costs and more importantly to avoid the hot food from getting cold quickly.  Having researched the brands that were available they selected Hunter ceiling fans and went with the Hunter Savoy Ceiling Fan in white.   This was very successful both with the staff and the guests who were delighted at the improvements – so much so that they subsequently installed some more in other parts of the common areas.  Anyone for lunch?

The Seville Ceiling Fan inside the Atlantic Luxury Hotel.

The Seville Ceiling Fan inside the Atlantic Luxury Hotel.


Case Study 5 – Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Cambridge

Situated in the beautiful converted old library in the heart of Cambridge right next to the famous King’s College sits Jamie’s Italian restaurant.  Since it recently opened it has become one of the most popular restaurants in Cambridge.  Upstairs is the Pizzeria which is designed along an old  school room theme using simple school chairs and tables to create a lovely ambience.    Being upstairs it suffered from the heat in the summer months especially when packed with diners.  A portable air-conditioning unit provided little relief for the staff and customers.  Jamie’s embarked on a rigorous selection process to find a suitable solution.  The age and fabric of the building meant that air-conditioning was a very costly option.  Instead they chose to use a far cheaper and more energy efficient option: ceiling fans.  The designer selected Hunter as the brand due to it’s reliability, reputation and wide choice of style and finish.

They opted for the lovely Hunter Salinas fan which has now been discontinued but similar designs are available in other models.  The high ceilings, which adds to the feel, meant that long drop rods were needed to bring the ceiling fans down to be nearer head height.  Their interior designers were impressed by the history associated with the Hunter Salinas ceiling fan.  It’s 1930’s era connotations of simplicity and value appealed.  The tubular design reminiscent of Italian engineering of that era also ties the theme in with the pre-war period Italian when pizza originated.

The company is delighted with the success of the project as the fans don’t just provide an essential cooling function but also add to the overall interior design of the restaurant.  Not only are the customers happier but the hardworking staff are too.  “Before these fans were installed we used to almost cook in here.  They are a great improvement drawing in fresh cool air from the windows and the customers love them too!”.  Now you can see a piece of American history in the centre of Cambridge!

Jamies italian restaurant


Pizzeria ceiling fan


Case Study 6 – Cafe Rouge French Brasserie Henley

Now you can see some of the lovely Hunter Seville and Savoy ceiling fans in a high street near you.  The famous French Brasserie chain is rolling-out a programme of Hunter fans in all of its 79 restaurants across the UK.   These shots are from their restaurant in the market town of Henley, famous for it’s annual rowing regatta.  Their corporate interior designers wanted to add some focus and interest to the ceiling area in front of the bar in their restaurants and so embarked on a robust selection exercise.  After considering a number of brands they decided to go with Hunter due to their strong brand name, history, reliability, lifetime warranty and fantastic style.  They picked the Hunter Seville II ceiling fan and the Hunter Savoy ceiling fan.  Both have modern contemporary finishes and look perfect in their restaurants.

caferougehenleysevillefan4 caferougehenleysevillefan7