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I spend a lot of time eating out as an older single man I often do this alone or with a few friends. I have eaten in many different types of restaurants and snack bar type places so the interior look and feel of any of them will decide if I go back again. Quite often I do find they are too hot so not impressed then I won’t visit again but by the other toss of the coin many do have ceiling fans.

So they have considered the ambience of the place and their visitors comfort. In those places it is great they have ceiling fans but seem to have wasted their time because they are cheap and nasty. They are not only noisy but wobble terribly which is a worry when you are sitting under it. I can’t sit and enjoy a meal while worrying that it is going to land on my head.

I recently went to an Italian restaurant in London and they did have the top of the range Hunter ceiling fan called the Classic Original. It was stunning in a lovely bright brass and was silent with not the slightest wobble. I liked it so much I spoke to the manager who told me what it was and where I can get one for my home.

I found the Hunter Fan Co. online and called them. I spoke to a very nice young man and we went through all the presales questions. He pointed out he asked them to make sure I got the right fan size for my room. So having decided and knowing exactly what I wanted I couldn’t order as I was off on my holiday but it was suggested I place the order and when I return to call them and they will ship it out to me.

I did place the order, went away, I came back 3 weeks later called, confirmed and the next day my fan was here. I found that they had very impressive staff that really cared about their customers and a selection of products that were a good variety all of which is rare nowadays. I have not managed to get an electrician in but I am really happy so far.


by Fred Dolton