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Zephyr Is The Perfect Ceiling Fan For Restaurants

With its huge 18,000m3/h flowrate and beautiful design the Zephyr ceiling fan is perfect for restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes.  Launched by The Henley Fan Company who have been selling premium branded ceiling fans for over 16 years it is named after the Greek god of the west wind and spring breezes Zephuros.  This is their own branded high performance, high specification low energy ECO fan.  This ceiling fan has 3 interlocking hand-balanced blades of solid wood, treated to prevent warping with milled finger-joints.  The design features 3 solid wood blades that slope gently upwards and which entirely cover the slimline, powerful brushless EC DC ultra-low energy motor.  The motor is 70% more efficient than an AC motor, more controllable for speed and also more robust and reliable against electrical variations and poweHenleyfan_zephyr_Eco_low_energy_ceiling_fan_walnut_closeupr surges.

The fan comes in 2 sizes a 60″/152cm and a 72″/180cm. The larger one moves the 18,000 m3/h of air in a gently laminar flow at a nice gentle maximum speed of just 173 rpm (the slower the better) using  just 26 watts of power – quite amazing!   The Zephyr comes complete with hanging kit, drop rod, 6 speed remote, a Lifetime Warranty on the motor and 3 year on the finish.  This fan is perfect for large areas such as restaurants, offices, theatres, halls, conference rooms and large lounges. For more details and to buy please visit the main site.

Henleyfan_zephyr_Eco_low_energy_ceiling_fan_walnut Henleyfan_zephyr_Eco_low_energy_ceiling_fan_diagram