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I don’t do a lot of eating out but what I saw in London inspired me enough to want to add to this blog which is also not something I usually do. I was visiting family in London and they decided we should have a sort of family reunion while I was there. They let other family members know and decided on where to meet for dinner. It was a nice Italian restaurant but what caught my eye the minute we were seated was the ceiling fans. I have a ceiling fan at my house that is quite noisy and wobbly but these were absolutely silent. They had long poles as the ceiling was quite high and even with those there was no wobble at all which I was impressed with as mine don’t have the long pole and do wobble. So we sat and enjoyed our family get together with some great food but I have to say what really struck me was the fans though large did not impose on us at all. They just did their job quietly and without any fuss so I called the Manager over to ask where he had purchased them. He went away and came back with the information and also the website for the Hunter Fan Company. Once I returned home and looked at mine I knew it had to go so had a look at what Hunter had and actually went with exactly the same as the restaurant. I love them. I found it makes all the difference and by comparison the really are the best!!

by George Logan