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I am not usually prone to commenting on the internet but I came across this site and thought I should just make a comment as I was really impressed recently. I was out the other day and decided to stop at a Caffe Nero and get a take away latte to enjoy while out shopping. I was in Maida Vale on Clifton Road.

I know it isn’t a restaurant as such but I went in and was amazed by the ceiling fan in there. In fact so pleased with it I decided not to have a take away but to enjoy my coffee on the premises. I did ask what the fan was and they told me it was a Hunter Fan called the 1886 Series. They told me they are getting the same fan installed in all their flagship properties. It was stunning and you couldn’t hear a sound from it. I have a cheap fan in my living room that wobbles and creaks but this was a sheer delight.

It may sound silly but I was enjoying looking at it so much I even had a second cup of coffee to drag my visit out as long as possible. When I eventually finished my shopping I even went back for another break before heading home and I really love the fan. It fits into their décor really well.

I did go home and decided to look on the internet at the Hunter website and saw they have a different fan for ever room in my house. They also have a sale on with up to 50% off some of their fans so I wrote out a list of what I like and will buy one at a time till I have completely furnished my house with them.
This was how I found this site when I was doing my search and felt I had to comment.

by Marianne Wales