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Jamie’s Italian Pizzeria in Cambridge Loves Hunter!

After a thorough selection process Jamie’s Italian restaurant has chosen the Hunter Salinas fans for its classy pizzeria.  Situated in the beautiful converted old library in the heart of Cambridge right next to the famous King’s College they are a perfect match for this extremely popular restaurant.  The school room theme with simple school chairs and tables create a lovely ambiance.  The high ceiling adds to the feel and meant that long drop rods were needed to bring the ceiling fans down to be nearer head height.  Their interior designers were impressed by the history associated with the Hunter Salinas which is no longer available but close alternatives in the art-deco style are the Hunter Lugano ceiling fan, the Matthews Irene 3 shown below or the unusual double-headed Matthews Aqua Ceiling Fan also shown below.  Another alternative is the more traditional Hunter Savoy ceiling fan.  It’s 1930’s era connotations of simplicity with tubular design which also ties in with the pre-war Italian engineering feel which make it perfect for a pizzeria.

The restaurant is in an upstairs part of the old library and when full of dinners gets very hot especially during the March – October period.   The company is delighted with the success of the project as the fans don’t just provide an essential cooling function but also add to the overall interior design of the restaurant.  Not only are the customers happier but the hardworking staff are too.  “Before these fans were installed we used to almost cook in here.  They are a great improvement and the customers love them too!”.